The YEFIM INTERNATIONAL LTD. team independently develops and integrates all-round services such as account opening, transaction, information, account management, and deposit and withdrawal. Through the APP, customers can follow the latest real-time announcements issued by major financial institutions.
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YEFIM INTERNATIONAL LTD. not only provides the most popular foreign exchange trading tools MetaTrader 4 (desktop version and mobile version), but also recommends customers to download and experience self-developed app, which is a one-stop service for account opening, transaction, access, account management and latest information. One, the transaction experience is better, the operation is simpler and more convenient.
  • 1. Mobile phone verification code to quickly log in/register;
  • 2. Provide real-time quotes for precious metals, currency pairs, crude oil, and indices;
  • 3. The market chart is clear and intuitive, and the drawing tools and technical analysis indicators are simple and easy to use;
  • 4. The operation is simple, the order is fast, and there are wind control functions such as pending orders, stop-loss and stop-loss, and partial closing;
  • 5. Small deposits support Alipay, WeChat payment, large amount of support for online banking transfer, and funds are safer;
  • 6. Mobile customer service, 7:30-23:30 online, to solve your problems.
Download MT4
MT4 is one of the most widely used software for online transactions of investment products such as currency pairs, precious metals, crude oil and indices. More than 70% of brokerage companies and banks from more than 30 countries around the world choose MT4 trading software as the network. Trading platform. The MT4 trading software integrates functions such as trading operations, technical analysis, and market analysis. Users can place orders, close positions, limit orders, stop loss, stop-loss, and view reports.
  • 1.Provide real-time quotes for precious metals, currency pairs, crude oil, and indices;
  • 2.Flexible order, with risk control functions such as stop loss and take profit;
  • 3.The price chart is clear and intuitive;
  • 4.Drawing tools and technical analysis indicators are easy to use;
  • 5.Easy installation and small system resources.